ISC founded


Griffon is founded as Waldorf Controls Corporation but assumes the name Instrument Systems Corporation (ISC) the same year.

ISC buys Telephonics


ISC acquires Telephonics Corporation, a manufacturer of electronic devices for industry and defense founded in 1933. Telephonics would form the nucleus of ISC’s Electronics Group.

Garrett joins ISC


Edward J. Garrett joins ISC as Chairman of the Board and President. Garrett closes underperforming plants and starts to seek civilian markets, while continuing to successfully procure government research and development contracts.

IPO on American Stock Exchange


Fortune 500 Company


ISC is listed for the first time on the Fortune 500 list at #489.

Fortune 500 Company


ISC is listed for the second time on the Fortune 500 list at #473.

Blau succeeds Garrett


Edward Garrett passes away and is succeeded by son-in-law Harvey Blau as Chairman of the Board and CEO. Blau joined ISC as director and secretary in 1966.

ISC acquires Oneita Knitting Mills


ISC enters the textiles sector by acquiring Oneita Knitting Mills Inc. for $15 million.

ISC buys Clopay


To drive its diversification strategy, ISC buys the Cincinnati-based plastics and garage door manufacturer Clopay Corporation for $40 million.

Company stock moves from American Stock Exchange to NYSE


ISC becomes Griffon


Seeking a name that more appropriately captures the diversified holding company’s motto of “strength through diversity,” Harvey Blau renames the company Griffon Corporation after the mythical creature that is part lion, part eagle.

Finotech Joint Venture


Clopay forms Finotech, a joint venture with German-based Corovin GmbH, to manufacture specialty plastic film and laminate products in Aschersleben, Germany.

Kramer succeeds Blau as CEO


Harvey Blau retires as CEO after 25 years but remains non-executive Chairman. He is succeeded as CEO by his son-in-law Ronald Kramer, a former investment banker and executive at Wynn Resorts, who has served on Griffon’s board of directors since 1993.



Griffon begins building for the future. The company secures a new $100 million line of credit from JP Morgan and engages with Goldman Sachs to lead a $250 million recapitalization to position the company for future acquisitions. Kramer divests Clopay’s underperforming installation services business.

Positioning for the Future


Griffon relocates its corporate headquarters from Jericho, NY, to New York City.

Ames True Temper Acquisition


Griffon acquires Ames True Temper, the leading U.S., Canadian and Australian provider of non-powered landscaping products, for $542 million in 2010.

Southern Patio Acquisition


Griffon acquires the Southern Patio pots and plants division of Southern Sales & Marketing Group and integrates it into Ames True Temper.

Mahindra Joint Venture Formed


Telephonics forms a joint venture with Mahindra & Mahindra to produce radar and surveillance systems for the Indian Ministry of Defense and the civilian sector near Delhi, India, positioning the company for future growth.

Australia Expansion


Griffon acquires Northcote Pottery and the Cyclone tools division of Illinois Tool Works, both based in Australia.

Ames is Renamed


Ames True Temper is renamed The AMES Companies to better reflect the heritage of the business while recognizing the breadth of products in the portfolio.

20th Anniversary of Griffon


On the 20th anniversary of the renaming of the company, Griffon Corporation refines its branding and corporate logo to better reflect its improved operational performance and future growth opportunities.

Griffon Acquires Hills Home Living


Griffon acquires Hills Home Living, one of the most iconic and trusted brands in Australia and New Zealand, from Hills Limited. Hills is integrated into AMES Australasia.

Griffon recognized in the Fortune 1000 at number 967.

Griffon Acquires ClosetMaid


Griffon acquires ClosetMaid, a leading manufacturer and marketer of closet organization, home storage, and garage storage products.